Selasa, 31 Maret 2015

Antena Base

Antena Base Dual Band Hy Gain V 42 R
Rp. 2.100.000
V-42R is independently tunable at 144 and 440 MHz. Fed through one coax cable, it has sets of ¼ wave radials which properly decouple ⅝ wave radiators from the mast. Gives 5 dBd gain on UHF and 3 dBd gain on VHF. Type N, handles 200 Watts. 9 ft.

ModelFrequencyGainInput PowerWindMax MastHeightWeight
V-2R138-1755.2 dBi500 Watts105 mph2 in. OD9 foot6 pounds
V-42R143-153,7.2 UHF dBi200 Watts100 mph2 in. OD9 foot6 pounds
436-4555.2 VHF dbicontinuous
V-4R400-4755,2 dBi500 Watts130 mph2 in. OD4 foot4 pounds
V-3R216-2255.2 dBi500 Watts100 mph2 in. OD6 ft. 9 in.5 pounds
V-6R51-545.2 dBi500 Watts80 mph1.5-2.25 25 ft. 3 in.15 pounds