Gallery: Paket Wisata Pulau Pramuka - 2 Day 1 Night

Scout Island

Traveling Friends, Do you know Pramuka Island? Where is Scout Island located? This time AnTour Travel will take you on a trip to Pramuka Island. This island in DKI Jakarta Province is located in the northern part of Jakarta in the Thousand Islands.

Why Called Scout Island

Why is it called Pramuka Island? According to the information we got, this island used to be called Eagle Island, because on this island there were many eagles, then because at that time Scout activities were often held from various regions, over time this island changed its name to Scout Island.

Selain pulau ini kalian bisa juga mengunjungi tempat wisata lain disekitar yang tak kalah menariknya seperti Pulau Pari dan Pulau Harapan.

Pulau Pramuka Trip
Pulau Pramuka - Kepulauan Seribu

Start from IDR. 450.000 / pax
Minimal 20 pax

Paket wisata Pulau Pramuka ini, berangkat via Pelabuhan Kaliadem Muara Angke


On Pramuka Island it is quite complete starting from Diving, Snorkeling, Banana Boat, Cycling around the Island, there are even small boats that are rented out for activities to explore the islands around Pramuka Island such as Air Island, Gusung Petrik Island and Semak Daun Island.

Tourist Attraction

Pramuka Island also has Ecotourism which aims for educational tours such as Turtle, Shark and Mangrove Forest Conservation areas. there are also tourists who come here just to camp and enjoy the atmosphere of this unspoiled and beautiful archipelago, especially when Sunrise and Sunset arrive.

Berikut ini adalah Pricelist Pulau Pramuka:

Price Basic (2022)

☑️ Paket Group Fun Trip (Code:TDW)
☑️ IDR. 450.000/Pax (Min 20 Pax)
☑️ IDR. 550.000/Pax (Min 15 Pax)
☑️ IDR. 650.000/Pax (Min 5 Pax)

✔️ Meeting Point Kaliadem
✔️ Muara Angke Harbour

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♻️ Packages - Minimal 20 Pax ♻️

✅ Pulau Pramuka.
✅ Pulau Air.
✅ Pulau Semak Daun.
✅ Hunting Sunrise.
✅ Penangkaran Penyu.
✅ Snorkeling.

Harga termasuk:
✅ Transportasi Kapal Perahu
✅ Kaliadem - P. Pramuka - Kaliadem.
✅ Penginapan / homestay AC.
✅ Makan 3x
✅ Alat snorkeling lengkap
✅ Perahu untuk Snorkeling
✅ Pendamping Snorkeling
✅ Pemandu Wisata
✅ Welcome Drink
✅ Camera Underwater
✅ Barbeque
✅ Dokumentasi Foto dan Video

Harga tidak termasuk:
✅ Keperluan Pribadi.
✅ Tempat wisata diluar program.
✅ Wahana di dalam tempat wisata.
✅ Makan Minum diluar program.
✅ Tipping Guide (sukarela).
✅ Tiket Masuk Penangkaran Penyu:
✅ IDR.7500/pax (W.N.I)
✅ IDR.150.000/pax (W.N.A)
💢 Term & Condition 💢

✔️ Down Payment or Full.
✔️ All new services will be blocked when a payment has been made.
✔️ Prices are not valid during Holidays / Hari Raya (High Season).
✔️ Package offer prices can still change at any time while the tour has not been confirmed.
✔️ Payment can be made by transfer or meeting as well as a tour event briefing.

✔️ Down Payment Dieng Tour Packages Setengah dari Total Biaya 4 Pax.
✔️ Maksimal 2 (two) day, after confirming the order.
✔️ Payment via bank transfer please confirm to Admin & send proof of payment to Admin.
✔️ Repayment of Payment no later than Day-15.

✔️ Advances are non-refundable if there is a cancellation within 1x24 hours before departure.
✔️ 30 to 14 calendar days prior to departure date a cancellation fee of 75% of the Tour Fee is charged.
✔️ 13 calendar days prior to departure date, a cancellation fee of 100% of the Tour Fee will be charged.