About Dieng

DIENG or better known as the Land above the Clouds. here we can enjoy the sensation of taking pictures like a country above the clouds, views of the clouds covering the surrounding mountains and hills and the best sunrise views in the world GOLDEN SINRISE, You can capture experience of being in Dieng by taking selfies with friends, girlfriends, or family here.


In the Dieng area there is a temple complex which is a relic of the Hindu-Shiva era in the 7th - 8th century AD. Previously around this temple area it was estimated that around 400 temples had stood, therefore it was called the Land of the Gods. But the temples that are still standing and we can visit are Arjuna Temple, Semar Temple and Bima Temple.

Dieng Tour Packages - 3D 1N
Paket Wisata Dieng dari Jakarta 4D 1N

Start from Rp. 850.000 / pax
Minimal 30 (Tiga Puluh) pax


The tour packages we provide are the best service ever, starting from professional and certified guides and tour leaders, pick-up services from home, airport or based on customer requests, and we accompany you 24 hours both during the trip and during breaks at the hotel.

Free Consult

We provide this consultation facility free of charge and can adjust it to the customer's budget, the customer can choose the desired tourist location and we will arrange all schedules and facilities, if deemed suitable, you can directly deal and contact us.

We provide the best service for customer satisfaction

Price Basic (2022)

☑️ Paket Wisata Dieng - Terbaik 2022
☑️ IDR. 850.000 / Pax

✔️ Biaya tambahan jika Single Supp
✔️ IDR. 150.000 / Pax (Single Supp)

☑️ Minimal 30 Pax

✔️ Meeting Point Jakarta

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- Order only on this Official AnTour Travel number: 0812-8286-8555 atau 0813-8586-8689
- Apart from the numbers above, we are not responsible for anything.
- Please confirm your order at the official AnTour Travel number.
- Prices can change at any time, if without prior confirmation of the order.
♻️ Paket Wisata Dieng - Jakarta - Dieng 3D 1N ♻️

• Kawah Sikidang.
• Batu Pandang.
• Bukit Sikunir.
• Sunrise Point.
• Dieng Plateau.
• Pusat Ole-ole Wonosobo.

✔️ Bus Ac Pariwisata Jakarta - Dieng PP.
✔️ Tiket Masuk Wisata
✔️ Makan Siang 1x, Makan Malam 1x, Sarapan 1x.
✔️ Free Banner Tour.
✔️ Dokumentasi Tour.
✔️ Persediaan Pengobatan P3K Terbatas Selama Trip.
✔️ Tipping Crew yang bertugas.
✔️ Tipping Guide & Tour Leader.
✔️ Air Mineral 01 botol / pax / day

❎ Pengeluaran Pribadi
❎ Wahana dalam Spot Wisata
❎ Biaya atau Jasa Lain yang tidak Tercantum dalam Program diatas.
❎ Tips porter Hotel, mini bar, laundry dan telp.

💢 Term & Condition 💢

✔️ Down Payment or Full.
✔️ All new services will be blocked when a payment has been made.
✔️ Prices are not valid during Holidays / Hari Raya (High Season).
✔️ Package offer prices can still change at any time while the tour has not been confirmed.
✔️ Payment can be made by transfer or meeting as well as a tour event briefing.

✔️ Down Payment Dieng Tour Packages Setengah dari Total Biaya 30 Pax.
✔️ Maksimal 2 (two) day, after confirming the order.
✔️ Payment via bank transfer please confirm to Admin & send proof of payment to Admin.
✔️ Repayment of Payment no later than Day-15.

✔️ Advances are non-refundable if there is a cancellation within 1x24 hours before departure.
✔️ 30 to 14 calendar days prior to departure date a cancellation fee of 75% of the Tour Fee is charged.
✔️ 13 calendar days prior to departure date, a cancellation fee of 100% of the Tour Fee will be charged.

If Include Airline Tickets:
✔️ Refunds for tour fees with tour packages including airplane costs, will be separated from refunds for airplane tickets according to the applicable regulations of the flight.