About Jogja

Hi Traveling Friends, who hasn't been to Jogja...!? For those who don't know Jogja, let's get to know each other better, what's the difference between Jogja and Yogya?

Jogja is the simplest name and is easily called by the general public, while Yogyakarta is the official name, but people prefer to call it Jogja.

What's in Jogja? Yes, Jogja has a lot of stunning natural beauty, starting from mountains, cliffs, rivers, and has a lot of historical and cultural heritage that is still closely related to its people. (±)

Historical Heritage

For those of you who want to learn about culture, see historical heritage or are just curious while enjoying a tour to Jogja, this is the place.

We can find historical relics such as Prambanan Temple, Ratu Boko Temple, Kalasan Temple, Ijo Temple, Plaosan Temple, Sewu Temple, Sambisari Temple and many other temples.

Therefore the city of Jogja is known as a student city, because in this city there are many students who come from various regions in Indonesia to study or study here.

Bagi kalian yang ingin wisata ke Jogja bersama teman-teman atau group sekolah, kalian bisa memilih Paket Wisata Jogja terbaik dari AnTour Travel

Jogja Tour Packages - 3D 2N
Group Trip to Jogja

Start from IDR. 1.700.000 / pax
Minimal 35 pax

Disekitar Jogja juga terdapat Candi Terbesar di Dunia yaitu Candi Borobudur, dan letaknya tidak jauh dari Kota Jogja, serta masuk kedalam wilayah Kabupaten Magelang, Candi ini paling banyak di kunjungi oleh Wisatawan Mancanegara


The tour packages we provide are the best service ever, starting from professional and certified guides and tour leaders, pick-up services from home, airport or based on customer requests, and we accompany you 24 hours both during the trip and during breaks at the hotel.

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Price Basic (2022)

☑️ Paket Wisata Jogja - 3D 2N.
☑️ IDR. 1.700.000./ Pax (Dewasa)
☑️ Minimal 35 Pax.

✔️ Meeting Point Jakarta
✔️ Jemput di Depan Rumah / Bandara

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♻️ Jogja Tour Packages - 3 Day 2 Night ♻️

✅ Lost Castle.
✅ Tebing Breksi.
✅ Candi Ijo.
✅ Obelix Hills.
✅ HeHa SkyView.
✅ Malioboro.
✅ Shopping Ole-ole.

Harga termasuk:
✅ Transportasi AC
✅ Jakarta - Jogja - Jakarta.
✅ BBM, Tol and Driver.
✅ Penginapan 2 malam
✅ Makan dan Minum selama di Jogja
✅ Guide Berpengalaman
✅ Dokumentasi Foto dan Video

Harga tidak termasuk:
✅ Keperluan Pribadi.
✅ Tempat wisata diluar program.
✅ Makan Minum diluar program.
✅ Tipping Supir merangkap guide (sukarela).
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