Jakarta City Tour - Indonesia.

About Indonesia

Indonesia is a very large archipelagic country, therefore Indonesia has various kinds of unique traditions and arts in each region. For those of you who are used to living in areas with cold temperatures, it is very appropriate to visit Indonesia because this country has high air humidity.


Indonesia has two dry and rainy seasons, therefore many tourists who come to Indonesia during the dry season enjoy the atmosphere of the beach while sunbathing. One of the advantages of traveling in the dry season is that we can visit other tourist attractions without having to get caught in the rain.

The Rainy season starts from October to March, while the Dry season starts from April to September.

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Indonesia is a very large archipelagic country, We provide the best with complete and comfortable facilities to accompany your holiday trip with your beloved family.
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Knowing culture in Indonesia is indeed not enough time in a day, because Indonesia is an archipelagic country, this country has cultural diversity from various ethnic groups. Starting from traditional houses, traditional clothes, traditional ceremonies, traditional weapons, traditional arts, traditional musical instruments, as well as a variety of special foods from each region.

Jakarta City Tour

Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia, filled with office buildings, Jakarta also has many interesting historical places to visit, such as:
Kota Tua, Museum Fatahilah, Museum Nasional (Museum Gajah), Museum Bank Indonesia, Museum Satria Mandala, Sunda Kelapa Harbour, Museum Onrust (Pulau Seribu), Museum Wayang, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah.
To visit historical places in Jakarta, we have provided a complete and comfortable tour package for you here:

Price Basic (2023)

☑️ Jakarta City Tour Package.
☑️ Half Day.
☑️ USD.$ 85. / Pax (Adult).
☑️ Minimal 2 Pax.

✔️ Meeting Point:
✔️ Jakarta Area or
✔️ Hotel Pick Up
✔️ Airport Jakarta Area

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♻️ Jakarta City Tour Packages - Half Day ♻️

✅ Museum Nasional.
✅ Puppet Museum.
✅ Taman Mini Indonesia Indah.

Price Include:
✅ Transportasi Private Car
✅ Hotel Pick Up or Airport - Jakarta Area.
✅ Fuel, Toll and Driver.
✅ English Guide
✅ Lunch at Local Restaurant
✅ Photo Documentation
✅ Tipping (Driver, Guide)

✅ Personal Expenses.
✅ Tourist Attractions Outside the Program.
✅ Meals and Drinks Outside the Program.
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✔️ Down Payment or Full.
✔️ All new services will be blocked when a payment has been made.
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✔️ Payment can be made by transfer or meeting as well as a tour event briefing.

✔️ Down Payment Tour Packages Half of the Total Cost 2 Pax
✔️ Maxsimal 2 (two) day, after confirming the order.
✔️ Payment via bank transfer please confirm to Admin & send proof of payment to Admin.
✔️ Repayment of Payment no later than Day-15.

✔️ Advances are non-refundable if there is a cancellation within 1x24 hours before departure.
✔️ 30 to 14 calendar days prior to departure date a cancellation fee of 75% of the Tour Fee is charged.
✔️ 13 calendar days prior to departure date, a cancellation fee of 100% of the Tour Fee will be charged.

If Include Airline Tickets:
✔️ Refunds for tour fees with tour packages including airplane costs, will be separated from refunds for airplane tickets according to the applicable regulations of the flight.